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About Starling Press

Starling Press is the Publishing Identity for J. S. R. Varma. James writes Fantasy books and short stories, TTRPG content and other media.

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Day Bringer (2023)

The sun has vanished from the sky and nobody knows why. Not men, not vampires, not gods. But maybe a shunned, exiled god can figure it out.

Freed from her prison for the first time in millennia, can the God of Mystery uncover the secrets and restore the sun before it's too late?

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Day Bringer Cover

You feel part of this rather gripping story, one of the characters almost. The story itself is fun, bouncy, captivating and at times could be described as quite emotional. A very cleverly written and highly imaginative piece that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good mesmerising read and an escape to another galaxy!

Amazon review Praise for ‘Exile’

Praise & Reviews

A fun mystery that turns into explosive action. I loved the glimpses into the strange world of small gods that we get, and learning about their magic. Also; Loved Verity and Kyrie, their dynamic and growing relationship was great!

Alpha reader feedback for 'Day Bringer'

Holy c***, I did not expect to survive that. Some great twists, an interesting one shot and a lot of useful detail to help a DM just start playing without having to do days of work to prep for a session. Particularly loved that the Adventure had multiple possible end points depending on how much time the players had.

DM and Player Praise for 'Dragon's Nest'

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