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James S. R. Varma Biography


James is a London-based Lead Game Designer for the game studio Roll7. James went to university in Leeds to study Games Design and joined the industry straight out of university.

He has been in the games industry since 2009 and happily builds games as his day job, however he is also a passionate Fantasy Novelist.

His Debut Indie novel, Day Bringer (2023) is only the latest in a long line of books that he's written, tending to write at least two books a year since he was in his mid-late teens, including his unpublished Wildcard series, that will be concluded with the sixth part in 2023.

In his spare time, James enjoys Table Top gaming (both TTRPGs and Boardgames) as well as video games on, PC and console.

In 2023 he finished his five year long homebrew 3.5-5e campaign and now runs regular one-shots for his friends and family.

For more information on what James has done feel free to pop by his portfolio site at

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