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Day Bringer (2023)

A Novel 

The sun has vanished from the sky and nobody knows why. Not men, not vampires, not gods. But maybe a shunned, exiled god can figure it out.

Freed from her prison for the first time in millennia, can the God of Mystery uncover the secrets and restore the sun before it's too late?

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Day Bringer Cover

The Dragon's Nest (2021)

D&D 5e Content

The Adventurers have been told of a trove of treasure left behind by a long dead pirate queen. They have gone to the Lanky Lass Tavern and Inn to find her final living crew member who is supposed to have a map to her treasure. The adventurers have no idea what this man looks like, except for a telltale tattoo on his wrist.
Finding the right man is the easy part however, as they must then adventure across haunted oceans to a cursed island and face off against the Pirate Queen’s memory.

The Dragon's Nest Cover

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Exile (2013)

A Short Story

Admiral Wren Lian-Cheng is a high lord and well loved commander, but when he turns tail and runs from impossible odds he is thrown into exile.
Little does the Empire know that a threat looms on the horizon that will require all the men and minds that they can get, especially the disgraced Admiral whom they so quickly cast aside.
A military sci-fi short story that reached top 5 most downloaded e-books in it's category on the kindle store in it's first weekend, top 10 in science fiction and top 100 in all free e-books.

Exile cover

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