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Day Bringer Coming Soon

Day Bringer Open for Kindle Pre-order!

Today I'm excited to announce pre-orders for the Kindle version of Day Bringer by J. S. R. Varma have opened on Amazon!

Day Bringer Mocks

Verity, The God of Mystery, has been incarcerated on a small island off the coast of Norway for millennia, exiled for political reasons more than any crime that she may or may not have committed. Shunned by her peers and left in isolation, she is finally getting to the point where she can deal with it. But when the sun stops rising and nobody can figure out why, those same gods who shunned her come to her for answers. Can the God of Mystery uncover what happened? Can she set things right? Can she ignore that nagging urge to go solve mysteries elsewhere? And can she unravel the Mystery behind why it all happened? The Debut Indie Novel by J. S. R. Varma is a thrilling, action-packed urban fantasy about the secret world of Small Gods and how their magic, their arrogance and their politics can impact everything around them.

Day Bringer is planned for release on Wednesday 31st of May!

Currently, only Kindle Pre-orders are available, but Paperback versions of the book will be available on or around that date.

I truly can't wait to share Day Bringer with you all, and I am excited to see what you make of it next month!


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