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Verity Nihan, God of Mystery.

Updated: May 13, 2023

A little more about our hero, the god of Mystery

With only 3 weeks to go until Day Bringer is released worldwide on Amazon, we thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know our hero a little better. So here's a taste of what's to come with Verity Nihan, the God of Mystery.

Midjourney concept art of Verity

The Small God of Mystery

In the world of Small gods almost everything has a god associated with it. The Sun, Nature, Choice, Farming, and millions more. There are almost as many things and concepts as there are gods, and every god is different. Their personalities, their looks, their abilities and their idiosyncrasies, they all all stem from whatever it is that they are the god of.

The God of Nature is somewhat wild, the God of the Ocean is water shaped like a human, the God of the Crossroads can create binding contracts with their words and the God of Mystery - Verity - can't help but go out and try to solve mysteries wherever she senses them.

" never get my name right; why should I get yours right? I’m the God of Mystery, not Mysteries. The concept, not the cases."

A god of many faces

Over the years Verity has gone by many names and had many faces. Being stuck on a populated island for three thousand years she's had to change who she is often through her time there. It feels to her like a constant shift but in actuality it's just every fifty years or so.

"Last I saw you; you were a very shaggy man, and now…."

While she goes by names that none will know now she has, in the past been gods that many will recognise. The Angel Raziel, the Greek goddess Despoina and god Iacchus, Loki of Nordic myth she was all of these, and many many more.

Verity has been a man and a woman at one time or another and because she slips into both roles with such ease she considers herself whatever she is at the time as her true gender.

In a time long forgotten when Verity was free she discarded and took up new faces like most put on clothes, but now, since her incarceration she had found herself sticking to a single form at a time, only changing her clothes though she still can change herself entirely, as she displays a few times within the pages of Day Bringer.

A Prisoner of Politics

Though even Verity would admit from time to time that her sentence is a valid one for her crime, what she refuses to set aside is the true reason for her incarceration. It wasn't murder, nor theft, nor even public nudity that truly has her locked behind layers of godly locks when our tales begins, but the crime of being really good at figuring out all of the other gods secrets- no, actually, that's not it. It was the 'telling everyone who would listen what she knew' part that really got her in trouble.

"I am here today because I am an inconvenience. A truth amongst the lies. I am Mystery, and I know all of Olympus’ secrets."

Now here she is, stuck on a little island North West of Norway with no secrets to figure out, no gods to tell and all of eternity to do it.

Find out more!

To find out more about Verity, the God of Mystery pre-order the kindle version of Day Bringer now at your local Amazon! Or wait until the 31st to buy the paperback version!


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