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Ten years of Exile

The Anniversary of the Exile short story on Amazon.

Exile Cover

A glance at the past

Ten years ago today I finally published something after years of trying. Yes, it was just a short story, yes it was self-published, and no it didn't become a sensation that left me with too much money in my pocket, but it did spend the entire time that I had it up for free in the top ten of all science fiction on kindle and top 100 of all free e-books. That didn't translate into money or even reviews, but it was mine and I was proud of it.

I was just back at work after a long stretch of unemployment and really I just wanted to have published something.

Before writing Exile I hadn't ever expected to write a military science fiction, I'd always written fantasy, but something hit me when I was writing it, and it took on a life of its own.

Now ten years later I'm still incredibly proud of it. I read it once a year and, sure there are things I'd change, but it's still good. I'm still proud.

"I hope this author has plenty more up his sleeve and I truly hope others get the chance to experience this fresh new writer. I will be recommending to others. Well worth buying!" – Amazon Review

Looking to the future

Today, on the 10 year anniversary of Exile, I have published this website, partly for ease of access to my published works, but also as a promise. Exile is not the last thing you'll see from me.

I'm pleased to announce, coming soon, a new novel titled Day Bringer, coming to Amazon very soon!

Keep your eye out on Twitter and here on for more news on Day Bringer. And to purchase Exile go to your local Amazon.


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