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The Last Ray of Sunshine

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Everyone needs someone to talk to, lets chat about the celestial

Just 1 week left until Day Bringer is released worldwide on Amazon! How time flies! You know what else flies, and at the speed of light? the second main character of Day Bringer, Kyrie the Sunshine Celestial. Let's find out more about her now.

Kyrie the Sunlight Celestial

Midjourney concept art of Kyrie

The Godless

Something you may have noticed last week in our chat about Verity, the God of Mystery - and gods in general - is that I said, 'almost everything has a god associated with it', and you might be wondering - rightfully - what about the things that don't? Are they discarded things? Are the gods prejudiced against them? Why don't they have gods?

Well, first of all; calm down, these questions are feeling pretty aggressive, and secondly, no, they are not abandoned; they have Celestials.

Celestials, some might call them angels, are the byproduct of a god simply existing. When something new is created because a god and its association exists then these demigods come into being. Grain celestials were formed by the god of the harvest, Water Celestials were formed by the god of the ocean, battle celestials were created by the god of war and Sunshine Celestials were formed by the God of the Sun.

Like the gods, they are immortal, and they are extremely powerful, however unlike the gods, they are not unique. When there is only one of something, like the sun or a concept, then there's a god for it, but when there's a lot of them, you'd be safe to bet that there are celestials.

However, the big thing, the most important thing, that sets Celestials apart from gods is that they are chained down by no rules that govern the heavens. They answer only to their god.

"Between him and the gods were the Celestials, the gods’ servants and the embodiments of those things created by the gods’ existence."

The servants of the sun

For the sun, the Celestials that are created are Celestials of Sunshine, of Sunlight, of Sun Beams. People all them different things, but they are the same, Celestials made of the light that the sun produces.

"We are amongst the greatest fighters in Celestia. Amongst the few Celestials to consistently go to war." -Kyrie

Some of the most deadly things in the world, Sunshine Celestials can move as fast as light and create weapons and armour from sunlight. They are a force to be reckoned with and are often, if not always, assigned the role of soldiers and guards.

The Last Ray

"She’s the last ray of light that came over the horizon when the sun set for the last time, isn’t she?" - Verity

The last ray of sunshine to peak over the horizon before the sun stopped rising, the final Celestial to be made is Kyrie. Tasked with getting the sun to rise again and keep Verity in check she acts as Watson to Verity's Sherlock throughout the story, if Watson was the guard assigned to make sure Sherlock didn't sneak off and solve other crimes that is.

When we first meet Kyrie she is a blank slate, having only recently been born all she knows of the world is what is natural to her, like the fact that she can fight and that her entire purpose is to bring the sun back.

How will she grow as the story progresses, how will Verity find having a tag along? well there's only really one way to find out...

Learn more!

To really meet Kyrie for real pre-order the kindle version of Day Bringer now at your local Amazon!

Or wait until the 31st to buy the paperback version!


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